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Do You Want the Most Practical Backpack?

Le 23 November 2015, 06:49 dans Humeurs 0

Backpack can recharge your electronic products anyway, do you want this kind of backpack? Today editor recommend this kind of high-tech wholesale designer bags for you, except from the in addition to charging backpack, super practical mountaineering bags for men also is right choice.


Still worried about going out without finding the mobile power? Mobile power supply built-in backpack of Holger can help you solve the problem. Founded in 2013, Holger, combined the past aesthetics and modern science and technology as the design concept, is committed to produce leather handmade practical accessories, not only can take in consumer electronic products, at the same time can also be a user’s caring mobile power supply, possess both aesthetic perception and practicability.

The Holger built-in mobile power backpack is made by natural fiber, polymer and chose the real green wood, which making it harder and more durable than general leather and most plastic products, and it is rainproof and shockproof. There are metal, stainless steel material in design which make its look very bright. Without any limitation we can charge anytime and anywhere, the built-in battery can charge battery for the user’s phone twice, and there are three different models to choose for us, meet the use requirements of different people, don’t miss it if you love.

The inspiration of this kind of backpack was originated in outdoor sports style and rich of urban features. 40L Backpack adopted heavy waterproof canvas to make, adding the wool suiting material to the bottom of the panel. Equipped with waterproof sealing zipper, flaps and plush filling with bag, it is provide with the 40L large space which can accommodate 15inches laptop, and the the buffer layer of insulation placed in the back bringing about a comfortable experience.


Autumn Collocations: Change Your Clothes and Bags!

Le 16 November 2015, 08:13 dans Humeurs 0

Every seasons, this not going to happen if we completely copy last year’s LOOK, especially as a girl love following trend and fashion. Because it is always right to following the fashion. So this time i bring about the collocation of autumn, let you refuse to fall from the appearance of dry!

Sweater is an indispensable good thing that improve your temperament in fall and winter. Light gray is a good color that less redundant fancy and exaggeration,it show elegant and sweet in details. The big loose lapel give a person a kind of sense of security and the small bat sleeve can modify our figure. Choose a classic black skirt that print straight stripes to match a knitting sweater, in addition with a pair of black and white high heels that reveals your clever idea. Surely, it’s just overall modeling. It will still feel like less some elements, if you want to promote the overall modeling to a level, you can use some accessories for collocation.

> Finally, remember to choose the handbags carefully. Women’ pursuit of bag is not lower than the pursuit of clothes, sometimes even higher than the requirement for clothes. This time I highly recommend a bag for women. Amount the bright red, black, sapphire blue three colors I decisively chose the sapphire blue for the color just suitable for me. Overall simple and elegant color especially show the grace of the bag, and the embossed leather present the delicacy appearing in the cold color.

This series of wholesale designer bags in addition to elegant temperament, it also make people feel fashionable and graceful. The overall modeling with delicate hollow out is concise and perfectly express the traditional shape of circle and square.The soft and comfortable rabbit fur decoration won’t let a person feel heavy and complicated, on the other hand, it only make people feel comfortable and relax. It is an existence of nature.

Do not live up to every season in the most beautiful years. To show the best yourself, learn some collocation skills, make you more and more beautiful. And every time I see the collocation of progress, i have a lot sense of accomplishment. Autumn has its own color and character compared with other seasons, so let your autumn more unique now.


The Classic Nightingale Series handbags of in 2015 Autumn

Le 5 November 2015, 09:06 dans Humeurs 0

The classic Nightingale series has been released again in 2015 autumn and endowed it new modeling. Nightingale series handbag has become a classical item that all age of women must-have, both young girls and mature professional women are crazy for the Nightingale. For the first women’ clothing show appeared in 2006, Nightingale represented both wisdom and beauty of modern urban women, which once released instantly become one of the most popular designer leather handbags.

Since released, Nightingale has been keeping feature of rigid-flexible of the brand, standing out from numerous classic items with its unique circular arc handbag shape. Has a gifted of photographic memory, and strong profile full of modern feeling ,clean and soft line design make it full of city fashion breath, at the same time revealing a neutral charm, suitable for the modern women’ life in various occasions. Whether it is carry in hand casually or coolly take on shoulder comfortably, Nightingale fashion breath is filled with you.

The creative designer gives the classic handbag complete new appearance, make it more simple and clean. The 4G pattern of portable belt leather implicitly engraved on the inside metal nameplate of bag, appear more understated elegance; The females handbag removed the T letter stitching designs, making the new Nightingale handbags more contracted and graceful. Unique profile and clear lines will be the most iconic features of new Nightingale bag’s .


New Nightingale series bags for women divide into the mini, small and medium three sizes. In terms of material, hill wool and classic velour printing of 2015 autumn/winters series bring about elegant breath for the whole handbag possessing a perfect combination of fashionable amorous feeling of urban of rare crocodile leather and the temperament of modern women. Black classic cowhide leather collocates with rock and roll style rivet straps, spreading out a unique neutral charm.

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